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What is your first thought when you see any beautiful object ? For me, it is to capture it and keep it as subject which has touched or  inspired or motivated me. Lens ,which makes us view something and light both play good role in this exposure. Most of the non-speaking objects inspires me. It calls something within me to show my photographic skills.

Being a systems guy and working in areas of Linux and Virtualization at times I do come out from technology arena and dedicate my time in learning photography techniques. I want to carry it as a hobby not as a profession. Watching some breath taking shots in Discovery channel really touches me.

After attending some interesting sessions on how to use SLR & D-SLR cameras at BARCAMP 4 held at IIM-Bangalore I learnt atleast some techniques to use SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras. Google search engine,helped me to gain some knowledge on SLRs. Don’t know when I will own one of them. Taking shots from my old film camera is a lengthy one.I have to wait for couple of weeks to finish one roll. Give it for development and then comes out the stills. Subjects I choose falls under — wild-life, nature. I am scared of snakes but I still allow myself to capture them using gears.

Preparing myself for the day to have at least one of my shots on National Geographic. Their photo contest is a challenging one.

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