GeekNight @ ThoughtWorks

Yet another informal meet of technical people to exchange their ideas, codes and learnings with each other. This is my second Geek Night event which I have attended at ThoughtWorks, Bangalore.

Topic : “Tips and Techniques of writing high performance .NET code ”

Speaker : Milind Hanchimani, INTEL

Well, I am not a .NET guy. Just out of curiosity to learn about “Multi-Core” processors and threading I dropped in for the talk.

Talk began with focus on various methodologies which can make a .NET code scalable, reliable. There are make tools to actually do this. We never know how much amount of memory is consumed when a function / method is in locked state or say in a loop. To track this out Milind showed some tools provided by INTEL, like SOS, VTune. SOS helps to identify lock contention issues, while the other ‘VTUNE’ is a performance analyser. Some demos were shown on how to use it. These tools (evaluation version) are available on INTEL’s website (goto TOOLS section)

Second half of the talk was the one which I found very interesting. Yes, it was about Mutli-Core processors.

Intel multi-core technology provides breakthroughs in performance and energy efficiency for notebook and desktop PCs, workstations, and servers.

More information can be found on speaker’s blog

This session brought some good learning. Have marked  some To-Dos, came home that night and found answers / techniques on Intel’s website. For the people who are not aware ThoughtWorks conducts these kind of technical and non-technical sessions quite often. So come,join and have fun.

Fire up on your favorite browser for more details.

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