I wish I had a D-SLR

Nikon D-SLR NIKON cameras, one of its kind. Photography has been my hobby since long. My subjects being Wildlife & Nature.Though I still use an old film camera to capture images, I admire to have one of those D-SLRs in my hand. Getting films developed and printed is a bit expensive now a days. In both ways – time and money. Scanned images of those stills are not attractive as well.So I don’t upload it on web for comments / feedback from photographers across the globe.

Couple of years ago I met Kalyan Varma – a wild life photographer, film maker, a naturalist. During coffee break I asked him about his photography gears. Got some information. I was really inspired by his photography. Since then I was keeping a pace on his photographs / blogs. I actually learn t most of the tips from stuffs posted on  his web page. Photographs are just awesome. I am planning to attend his workshops later this year.


Waterfalls looks beautiful with long exposures.

The water gets this smooth surface.It all depends on shutter speed ; most of the case 1/500.


I do believe Photography is a wonderful piece of art. I am going to carry it for long.

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  1. globalinternational

     /  August 15, 2009

    really awesome photos , best of luck to you .

  2. ashutoshn

     /  August 15, 2009

    Thank you !


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