Photograph a Spider’s Web

One subject that presents photographer with wonderful opportunities but also with lot of challenges is the Spider’s Web. There is something delicate, flexible and the beauty that draws me to them every time.

Spider webs are incredibility light and if there is any hint of breath in the air they will move as you photograph. This has potential to cause blur in the shot.

Remember where there is a web there is a small creature that made it. Be environmental friendly.

With Spider’s web it is particularly important to have a plain and dark background. This itself will enable the web to stand out.

Choose large aperture ( small ‘f number’ ) to give a shallow depth of field. Shoot from head on and tripods please.

One of the classic photos of Spider’s Webs are those with dew or rain droplets on them. The best time for dewby webs is  Mornings. Fill the frame and shoot from both sides.

I find that shooting with natural light is generally best – but sometimes adding artificial light using flash can get some good highlights.

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