My experience with flashing BIOS.

I somehow had to upgrade my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop’s BIOS  from A13 to A15. The system time was not syncing.  Changing and saving time was like while loops I write in my scripts. I restored the default settings. They were of no help.

I downloaded the executable from Dell technical support web site. I then tried flashing the BIOS by running it using WINE (an application that runs most of the Windows executable over Linux ). Step 1 of detecting the executable was done, even the driver was initialized, but the very next step made my laptop go cold. I got a hint that something fishy is now going to happen. Yes, it was, the Utility software that comes with the BIOS was effected.

I contacted the technical support folks and learn t that now I have to upgrade Utility Software also.I was asked not to remove CMOS ( Complementary metal oxide semiconductor ) battery. There were some issues with the vendors etc; I am sure replacement would have solved the problem. Giving a shot to FreeDOS was worth though. I backed up my data on another partition of hard drive, installed Windows on a primary sector and flashed the BIOS to A15.

Anyways, the timing issue persisted. I got a new motherboard with the latest BIOS.  The speaker cabinet was broken during the whole operation. A lot of support calls for replacement. Had to wait for a weeks to get the items shipped. The sad part of this post is my laptop is no more with me now.

What it left is a bunch of knowledge to share with people facing same issues.

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