PyCon-India 2010

Yet another open source event, PyCon India 2010 is the primary Python conference in India. It is been hosted for the second time in India. It was a two day event held on 25 – 26 Sept’10.

Got up early in the morning, caught a bmtc bus and reached the venue, MSRIT before time. I was happy to see some old faces and even happier when they also recognized me.

David Goodger was the keynote speaker. After the inaugural ceremony, I moved to lecture hall to attend a session on Python 2to3, followed by functional programming in Python. During break I had discussions with FOSSEE, a team from IIT-Bombay who are working on project to enable students and faculty to use open source software tools for science and education, thereby improving quality of instructions and learning. SAGE session by them was worth attending. I missed my laptop for their hands on, but gave a spin with their linux distribution at home.

Post lunch, I attended GUI programming using PyQt, followed by Twisted programming ( the speaker was my interviewer as well ). And how mobile phones can be forgotten ? Compiling Python runtime libraries on mobile phone, this reminded me of OpenMoko talk.

It was day two, I spent most of the time in discussions and learning what type distro folks over there were using. Met few ThoughtWorkers who actually cleared most of my doubts regarding mobile-based application and Django. Missed sessions on Google App Engine, as there were some other interesting talks at the same time.

The conference ended with Indian Python Software Society annual  meeting and I was happy to be a part of it.

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