A trip to Shivasamudram

Shivasamudram Falls It was 2nd October 2008.We had a holiday.Me and my college friends (Mukesh,Deepak,Rohit, Vikas,Rahul,Ramendra,Paras) decided to goto Shivasamudram Falls located in Mandya district.

The Shivasamudram falls is a segmented waterfall since the river Cauvery branches into two separate falls – the western falls known as Gaganachukki and the eastern falls, Bharachukki. Shivasamudram falls is the second biggest waterfall in India and the sixteenth largest in the world.
Gaganachukki on the left is a large horsetail waterfall and Bharachukki on the right is a jagged crashing cascading waterfall. With the onset of the monsoon season, the Sivasamudram waterfall runs amok with enormous energy and the Cauvery River tumbles headlong in a wonderful cascade, sending up dense clouds of mist.

After travelling for 40Kms we halted at South Indian restaurant to have breakfast.Most of us ordered Idly-Wada and then garam garam Chai. It was getting hot and we reached the spot at around 11:00AM. Took bath under the fall for about an hour. Mukesh was busy with his camera.Shooting videos of our group. Later we pulled him as well.

Deepak has brought all lunch items.We sat by the bank of river.Monkeys were all around, jumping from one tree to the other. Ramendra was very exited and started playing with those monkeys.No sooner monkeys came close to him.He was not able to eat his lunch as monkeys were taking food from his plate.Rohit started throwing bananas at them to various directions. All monkeys got scatterred to different places and we had a nice lunch then. Huh ! these monkeys..

Then we packed up and climbed up the stony stairs in the hot sun that too after having nice lunch and bhelpuri. Slowly all of us got to tempo traveller and relaxed at their seats.

It was 5:00PM and we waited to see sunset. Thank you Mukesh and Rohit for constantly taking photos which will be memorable.

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